Ep. 2 “A Garage Full of Shattered Dreams” with David Wahl from Archie McPhee

The Driveway Unobstructed

This week on the podcast I welcome David Wahl from novelty retail monolith Archie McPhee to talk about strange products, revenge, and the phenomenon of people parking in front of David’s driveway. For reference, here are some photos of jerks parked in front of his driveway, a transgression I still can’t fully wrap my head around. (Thanks for the photos, David)

Also find out why we say, “Mocked up Poopie Pants.”

Together we come up with a podcast that can be essentially described as “Bad Shark Tank” but with interesting segments like The Sad Hole.

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Our theme song is the very fun “The Show Must Be Go” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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