Ep. 3 “Fromageliere: Working on My Night Cheese” With Rosalie Fry

Rosalie Fry

This week I was joined by my friend Rosalie Fry who’s a delightful improviser and sketch comedian I met in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but who is currently living amongst adorable puppies and wild hedgehogs in Italy. We acted together in a sketch I wrote about how weird I think sports are.

In the episode I mentioned that I recorded the audio during the show and would include it if I could find it. I can’t find it, so here’s the script. I played “Clydesdale Hammersmooch” and Rosalie was “Cici.” Enjoy.

Script The Incensed Coach (Ver 2)

If you like it please tweet my friend Jason Brown about it. If you don’t like it fly a rocket into the Sun or whatever.

In the episode Rosalie and I talk a lot about adorable pets and the ongoing battle between standups and improvisers before we come up with Fromageliere, an insane podcast that would send us out on insanely weird cheese adventures. Enjoy!