Ep. 4 “Sweaty and Hot” With Jason Brown

Jason Brown

This week on the podcast I catch up with my friend and former podcast cohost Jason Brown, our first in-studio guest. We recorded on the hottest day of the year so far in my non-air-conditioned den, so if you ever wanted to hear two sweaty boys talk about this Alan Thicke song, then have I got a show for you!

We also talk about our old show Something, Something, Punchline, our love of the late great Prince Palace Dumpling House, and why I sometimes mute Jason on Twitter. (Turns out it’s because of an incredibly stupid Pennsylvania gas station feud)

HOT TAKE: Sheetz is objectively better than Wawa, and I’m willing to lose friends over it.

Together Jason and I come up with a pretty ridiculous daily podcast based around his love of napping and being put to sleep by “brushy drums”. Enjoy.