Ep. 5 “George W. Bush Invented Death” With Dan Maher!

Dan Maher

This week I visited my friend Dan Maher to talk about comedy, almost getting arrested, and how death got invented in the year 2000. We also talk about how frequently I pee, possible side effects, and the phrase “Prozac bloody gums” comes up.

Dan came prepared for the show with a full folder and a totally fleshed out idea for a podcast where we revive canceled cartoons. We actually kind of did an episode of it during the show, so I’ve clipped that part and we’ll be releasing it as its own episode in our first ever spinoff.

We get into some deep talk about the 2011 Thundercats reboot that we both loved, and that I actually wrote a spec script for when submitting for a writing job a few years ago. Dan proposed the idea of doing a staged reading at some point, which we might do.

One of the other shows that comes up is Cowboys of Moo Mesa, which was a completely bonkers cartoon.

We also talk about the possible Captain Planet reboot that may or may not be real and still happening.

Dan is a lot of fun, and you can see him every week as part of his improv group ManDudeBro at SteelStacks.

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