This Doll Is Definitely Haunted, Right?

Haunted Doll Watch

This is my daughter’s baby doll. It used to be my wife’s baby doll, and before that it was my mother-in-law’s baby doll, and possibly her mother’s baby doll. It’s also very likely that this doll has been passed down in my wife’s family for thousands of years because this doll is for sure haunted.

Sometimes I find the doll in places around the house. Sure. It’s possible my daughter plays with it and just leaves it lying around, but if we Occam’s razor this shit I think the more likely explanation is that it’s possessed by a ghost and it’s trying to get me.

On more than one occasion I’ve gone into the bathroom and come out to find the doll just sitting outside the door.

Daunted Hall Watch
Haunted doll after I kicked it over for scaring me outside the bathroom.

My daughter Amelia has REPEATEDLY denied being the one to do this, so obviously again, yes, this doll is for sure definitely haunted. I do not believe in ghosts. I 100% believe that this doll is trying to get me. When I die, however I go out, I want it investigated as a murder and I want this doll brought in for questioning.

Oh also, sometimes my daughter likes to use it to set off her whoopie cushion.