Here Are Some Improv Team Names You Guys Can Just Have

I have a lot of friends who do improv and they’re pretty regularly forming themselves into new teams and having to come up with names. Here are some improv team names you guys can just have.


Counter Wait

Sloppy Pudding

Howdy, Grandpa! I SAID HOWDY, GRANDPA! (Grandpa’s hearing aid is broken)

Please Clap

Practice Proctice Pructice


Sheetz Is Better Than Wawa

Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid

That Thing Where We Make It Up

Pee Pee and Poo Poo (For a duo)

Leave Quietly and Nobody Gets Hurt

Please Stop Clapping

Jazz Mittens

One Small Finger

Magikarpal Tunnel Syndrome

Flannel Toilet

Oster Crackers, Oyster Blenders

Sassy Receptionists

90s Dance Hits

Drop the Beat and Back Away Slowly

Sommelier, Sommeliest

Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon

Policy Meeting

Annie’s Okay Please Stop Asking

Goofy and Pluto Are Both Dogs

Appendectomy Simulator

Spiel Check

We Should Split the Appetizer

My Enemy’s Tears

Staple Gun

Warhammer, What Is It Good Forhammer?

Three Random Words

Keep It Pithy

Patrick Swayze in Road Cottage

1963 Pontiac Tempest With Positraction

Circle Circle Dot Dot

First Dog on Pluto

Legally Vertical Blinds

Eyeball Lasers

Laser Eyeballs


Nickelodeon Moon Shoes

$4.99 Meal Deal

Bank Robbery Is Legal

The Ref From Air Bud

Learn a Trade

Carly Simon Vanity Plate

That Song Your Mom Likes

Hand Stuff

Ou Est la Bibliotheque?

Grandpa’s Good Eye

Past Traction Nero

Is Endor Okay?

Subtle Hand Gestures

Botched Audition

Dovetail Joint

Fart Powered Car

Backup Stethoscope

Flier Department

Tight-Fitting Jeans

Reduce, Reuse, Recalculating

Siri, Call Off the Airstrike

You Can’t Sleep Here

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice

What Did I Come in Here For?

Important Test Results

Crowd Boogie Board

Horse Dog

Reading, PA Rainbow

Napkin Dispensory

Aunt Becky

One Last Heist

Three-Legged Race Card

Do You Have ID?

Slow Down It’s Not a Race

Tickets at the Door

Remind Me to Buy Allergy Medicine

Goodnight Kiss

How Do I Iron a Shirt?

Are These Just Google Searches Now?

I’ll Light You at Five

Trampoline Lawsuit

DIY Jetpack



Their Early Work

Nevermind. You can’t use Flerbus.