Please Do Enjoy the Video for “Bees Nest Hair” by Community Center

Community Center is an orchestral rock band out of Baltimore and they are very good at making music and fun to hang out with in Akron, Ohio. (Other places too probably, but I can 100% confirm their ability to hang in AKron.) They just released a music video for their song “Bees Nest Hair” which you can watch and enjoy right now. It has a lot of fun outfits.

I wish I knew more about music to give you some comparisons, or to eloquently write about their sound or whatever. They make use of a lot of different styles and use interesting instrumentation. They Might Be Giants maybe? I don’t know. They’re just very very good and fun to listen to and I think you will like them, and also my brother Keith likes them too.

You can go check out and buy more of their great music on their Bandcamp page. They also have a really great T-shirt with a bear and an accordion that I wear probably twice a week because it’s very soft and I like the bear.