Preview the First Three Tracks From Ricky Glore’s Album Spitting Image

Right now you can preview the first three track from Ricky Glore‘s upcoming album Spitting Image from my label Circus Trapeze Records. When you listen to them and enjoy them and decide you want to preorder the album, you can do that here.

  1. Dad Jokes Ricky Glore 3:05
  2. Good Parent - Bad Parent Ricky Glore 2:53
  3. Baby Song Ricky Glore 2:18

Ricky reached out after finding the article I wrote about self-releasing (Yes, Really) and said he was looking to record his own. We talked a bit, did a show together, then eventually went to Pittsburgh to record. As the producer, I’ve listened to this album a lot, and genuinely love it. I think you will too.