Take Some Time to Enjoy the TV Pilot “Bubble” by Jordan Morris


Jordan, Jesse, Go! host, @Midnight writer, and GARABA-coiner Jordan Morris wrote the very funny sci-fi comedy pilot “Bubble” and staged a live reading with an impressive cast that includes  Alison Becker, Eliza Skinner, Mike Mitchell, Robin Thede, Ian Wolterstorff, and Taylor Orci.

Here’s Jordan’s description of the story:

Morgan and her friends live in Fairhaven, a Brooklyn-esque Silverlake-y hipster paradise where trust fund kids go to be lightly employed and follow their dreams, or whatever. PROS: Great coffee, burgeoning art scene, artisanal vape shops. CONS: Separated from the outside world by a man-made bubble, murderous beasts from the outside are slowly invading, long waits for brunch.

If you have 38 minutes, you can give it a listen. It’s a lot of fun, and is definitely the kind of television show I would like to see. Let’s hope it gets picked up.

Sidenote: This is what I was trying to load the other night when I took this screenshot and made a dumb Hamilton joke on Twitter that didn’t get the kind of attention I was expecting it to.