Things My Friend Ryan Houssein Said on Facebook Put Over Pictures of Him Stolen From Facebook

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This is my friend Ryan Houssein. Good guy. We used to wait tables together and we look alike. I ran into his mom last month and forgot to tell him. (Ryan, I ran into your mom outside my daughter’s birthday party.)

Anyway. His Facebook feed is pretty choice, and for some reason I started taking things he says on Facebook and putting them over pictures of his face stolen from Facebook using the Adobe Spark app. I don’t really have an explanation. I just like Ryan and the things he says and I like putting stylized versions of those things over pictures of his face.

The quotes are copied and pasted exactly as he wrote them, and typically I credit him with a made up job title. It’s a lot of fun and really I think it’s the best possible use of Adobe Spark as an artistic medium. Try it with your own friends. It’s fun and you deserve to have some fun.