Comedy Writer Fights Urge to Turn Humor Site Into Parenting Blog

Humor Weakly founder and father of many children Glen Tickle is fighting the urge to turn his neglected comedy site into a parenting blog.

“I’m just up to my tits in kids over here,” typed Tickle one-handed on his phone while trying to bounce his second child Olivia to sleep.

Tickle, a middle-class white guy in his mid-thirties, thinks he has a lot of important things to say about being a dad but like, it would still also be funny, you know?

When asked why he doesn’t just write more comedy pieces for the site, Tickle sighed deeply and answered, “I’ve just got so many kids. Like… I don’t know… Thirty? Who knows? There’s literally no way of knowing at this point.”

Tickle has two children.

Since his youngest child was born Tickle has written one Alf spec script nobody asked for and is writing an episode of My Little Pony with his five-year-old daughter Amelia who is doing most of the work honestly.