The One Where Glen Writes an Alf Script

Did you hear Warner Bros. wants to reboot Alf? I want that too.

I want that so much that I went ahead and took it upon myself to write an episode of what an Alf reboot might look like even though nobody asked me and I don’t know anyone at Warner Bros. and my agent GG really only handles my college bookings and not my essentially non-existent TV work. (But I’m sure if someone at Warner Bros. called him about this he’d be happy to help set it up. I haven’t told him about my Alf script. We mostly just talk about my upcoming NACA and APCA showcases and college gigs.)

Anyway. Here’s the elevator pitch:

Alf helps single mother Lynn Tanner find love by building a dating app using Melmacian dating customs in a Larry Sanders-style show-within-a-show while real-world Alf has to answer for an interview misstep and offensive jokes from the original show.

So go ahead and read my Alf spec script. Especially if you work for Warner Bros. or know somebody who does.

Alf – “Melmatch”