Congratulations to Maximum Fun on Hitting 20,000 New/Upgrading Donors!

MaxFun Donor Count

It’s the final day of the Maximum Fun podcast network’s annual MaxFunDrive! They quickly crushed their initial goal of 10,000 new and upgrading donors, so they doubled it for the stretch goal. They’ve crossed it, and I just want to say congratulations to proprietor Jesse Thorn and everyone at the network.

If you’re not familiar with Maximum Fun, it’s the network that includes Judge John HodgmanThe Adventure ZoneJordan, Jesse, Go!Bullseye, and more of the best podcasts around.

There’s still time to become a member and claim thank you gifts like bonus episodes of every show on the network for the past several years, and some incredible looking enamel pins designed by Megan Lynn Kott

The network is celebrating tonight with a live stream from the Los Angeles headquarters

I have no affiliation with the network, but I’m a longtime listener and donor, so I’m just happy they hit their goal. I called Jordan, Jesse, Go! for their “Momentous Occasions” while recording my album (Yes, Really) which led to a bonus track on the album, and their GARABA T-shirt.

Congratulation, internet podcast friends! I’ll see everyone at MaxFunCon East in September.