Twitter Combats Online Harassment by Changing Default Profile Pic (But Keeping All the Harassment)

Egg No More

Online harassment by random trolls is a major problem across the internet. This is particularly an issue for Twitter where people can quickly create anonymous accounts just to torment others. These accounts usually have the default “egg” profile picture, and they’ve really created a bit of a pickle for Twitter.

The egg accounts have become the de facto faceless face of online trolling, but thankfully the popular platform has had enough! As Jill Pantozzi pointed out, they’ve totally 100% solved the problem

See! No more eggs! Problem solved. Eggs can’t harass you on Twitter if there are no eggs on Twitter. Done. And. Done.

Harassment solved!

Just look at this handsome, err… face. 

Faceless Blob

That’s certainly not an egg. That’s for damn sure.

Thanks, Twitter. I think we all feel a little safer online knowing eggs won’t be calling us cucks anymore. We thank you for our new neckless protector. It’s a good thing you’re focusing on the important issues over there at Twitter dot com.