Couple Celebrates Wedding Anniversary at Great Smoky Mountains National… Pirl?

Mark and Sarah

Happy couple Mark and Sarah celebrated their wedding anniversary with a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National… Pirl? Purk? Parl? Who knows. They’re sitting in front of part (Oh! “Part” maybe?) of the sign, so there’s just really no way of knowing where they are.

Perl? Who can tell?

Still, they look like they’re enjoying it wherever they are. Too bad there’s literally no way of determining the exact location. It’s not like I’m the Great Mouse Detective or Danger Mouse or something. All the best detectives are mice.

I just wish there were more clues in the picture. The sign says it’s park of the National Parks Service, but that could mean anything.

My anniversary is coming up next week. I’d take my wife, but again, this photo could have been taken anywhere. The information about where they went just isn’t available.

Well. Wherever you two are, I hope you’re having a blast.