Dog Sleeps in Late Again, Misses Important Meeting

Elvis Sleeping

Elvis Costello Tickle, an 11-year-old English Pointer, overslept today and missed an important meeting with the black and white stray cat that hangs out by the shed in the backyard. The cat could not be reached for comment on the nature of the meeting because it runs away every time I go outside to try to see if it has a collar or something. I don’t think it lives in the shed, but it hangs out there sometimes. My neighbor thinks it’s a skunk. It’s a real PepĂ© Le Pew situation.

Maybe they’re planning something. Elvis and the cat I mean. Not my neighbor. Although maybe he’s involved. There’s no way of knowing just how deep this thing goes because again, the cat runs away every time I go outside.

When asked for comment, Elvis didn’t reply because he’s a dog. He just kind of grumbled at me and then went back to sleep even though he’s not supposed to be on the bed by himself. I let him stay up there though because he looked really tired and it was his birthday over the weekend and we kind of forgot to celebrate. It’s fine because dogs don’t know when their birthday is, but I still felt kind of bad that we didn’t take him to the pet store or dog park or something.

It’s also unclear how he tucked himself like this.

This marks approximately 3,000 consecutive days where Mr. Costello Tickle has slept in late since being adopted. Again, he is a dog.