Father Heroically Combines Seemingly Random Foods for His Daughter’s Lunch Because Parenting Is Hard

Elmo Plate

Comedy writer and father Glen Tickle heroically assembled a combination of seemingly random foods for his daughter Amelia’s lunch this week. Amelia was unhelpful when asked what she wanted to eat after running laps around the house while crying that she was hungry. The final plate included one strawberry, a slice of provolone cheese, dried cranberries, cashews, Cheerios, and leftover shell pasta from the night before. The food was arranged haphazardly on an Elmo souvenir plate from Sesame Place after four other plates were rejected.

Glen cracked the code of what actual foods his daughter would shove into her tiny face by alternately suggesting absurd meal options like “a pile of stinky garbage”, “a whole planet”, and “some of the dog’s food.” When reached for comment, Glen did say he was worried that his daughter would be more likely to try to eat some of the dog’s food now that the idea itself had been presented. On reflection, he regrets including it in the list of fake options.

It’s unclear exactly what awards this qualifies Glen for, but he should definitely get something.