Ferrari Unveils the New 812 Superfast, A Car Made of 812 Smaller Cars

Ferrari has unveiled the all-new Ferrari 812 Superfast, and as the name implies it is super fast and it is also 812 smaller cars put together to make one bigger, faster car.

You know how the Little Rascals would sometimes hide a few kids in a trench coat to make an adult? This is that, but with 812 small cars instead of a few Depression-era children, and those tiny cars make a big fast car instead of a adult.

Vroom vroom goes the car, which really eight-hundred-and-twelve smaller cars each making tiny little vroom vroom noises of their own. It’s only when they vroom vroom together that it sounds like a big powerful engine instead of a bunch of tiny engines.

The car in the picture above is red, but you can get the Ferrari 812 Superfast in different colors, but you have to paint all 812 of the smaller cars the same color, otherwise it’s going to look weird when you put them all together and it’s all a bunch of different colors.

We’re not sure how all of the smaller cars stay together when the 812 Superfast is moving very fast, so we reached out to Ferrari via email but they have not yet responded as of the time of this writing, and probably never will.

In case you didn’t think we really emailed them.