‘Nature’ Journal Publishes Study Listing Differences Between Mouse and Human Brains But Instead of Reading It I’m Just Going to Guess What They Are

Notable scientific journal Nature published a paper titled “Conserved cell types with divergent features in human versus mouse cortex” which details some differences in the brains of mice from the brains of humans but it’s 38 pages long and only has some pictures and those pictures are graphs and stuff, so instead of reading this thing I’m just going to guess what the differences are.

Mice brains are smaller.

Human brains are more violent.

Mice brains probably taste better? This is just based on how many animals eat mice and I assume because they’re small they just kind of eat the whole thing? Not a lot of things eat people. Probably because our brains are gross.

Human brains are probably more wrinkly?

Look. This premise this thin at best. I just felt like posting something and saw this weird paper about mouse brains.

Mouse brains can’t do calculus.

Human brains can do calculus. (Some, not mine though.)

Mice brains can do telekinesis, but they choose not to.

Human brains could probably power the same clock you power with a potato in a science fair.

Mice brains don’t float?

This human’s brain is giving up on this bit.

photo via Melodi2