I Guess This Comedy Site Covers Parenting Now Because–JESUS CHRIST, AMELIA! DADDY IS TRYING TO TYPE

Amelia Hugging My Head

Thought I’d get an early jump on some posts this morning since I was out of commission on Friday, and because my four-year-old daughter Amelia woke up screaming at 5:30am to tell me she had a scary dream.

“I dreamt we were playing choo choo but you were going first and I wanted to go first. It was horrible.”

Cute now, sure, but at 5:30am just like, go back to sleep kid. Daddy’s tired and he has to wake up in a few hours to sling that hot humor content on the internet.

So yes, we’ll cover some parenting stuff here because I’m a parent and–hang on. What, Amelia? Yes. Yeah. Mimi’s going to be here soon. Okay, sure. Yes. The Rice Krispies are trolls and you’re a bergen. Eat all the trolls, sweetie.

This is probably not a surprise to anyone who’s seen me perform comedy in the past four years since most of my material is about my daughter. She even tells a joke on my album, which I talk about being my favorite moment in comedy in this video I made.

So if you thought I was going to run a humor site and not write posts about parenting… I don’t know why you would think that. I like being a dad a lot so I’m going to write about it on here. 

Yes, Amelia. Trolls are delicious. Yum yum trolls.