The Mystery of Roseanne Barr’s Face on a Taxidermied Bird

Roseanne Chicken

Today is the fourth anniversary this, a photo of Roseanne Barr‘s face on the body of a taxidermied bird. It’s not photoshopped, and I didn’t make it. I took this picture in 2013 in New York City while walking between my office at Broadway and Houston and the Christopher St PATH station.

At the time I posted it “without further comment” but I still think about it probably once or twice a month. I also said it was a chicken body, but I’m not a bird scientist. It could be anything. It was in a storefront of what could have been an art gallery. There was some other weird stuff with it, but nothing on the level of Roseanne’s face on poultry.

If you are or know an artist working in New York in Spring of 2013 and might know anything about this, please get in touch because I think about this bird a lot. I have so many questions. Mostly, why? What kind of bird is it? Why Roseanne Barr? Was there a first draft with someone else’s face on a different bird? Is there a series of these? Did you sell this? To whom and for how much?

All I can say for sure about this bird is that

It's Art