Wall Street Charging Bull Sculptor’s Widdle Biddy Feewings Hurt By a Mean Widdle Girl

Fearless Girl and Bull

Sculptor Arturo Di Modica had his widdle biddy feewings hurt by a widdle girl when mean ole Kristen Visbal installed her Fearless Girl statue acwoss fwom his weally weally cool mascuwine Charging Bull statue outside the New York Stock Exchange according to an article in The Guardian.

Di Modica says the “advertising trick” infwinges on his intiwectual pwopewty wights because the mean widdle girl changes the meaning of his bronze-nutted bull statue and nobody even asked him if he was okay with it.

Here’s the thing though, also according to that Guardian 

Di Modica had installed the massive bronze in front of the New York Stock Exchange after the 1987 stock market crash, without a permit in the middle of the night, as a symbol of America’s financial resilience.

You can’t dump a giant bull in the middle of the street without asking anybody and then complain about someone putting a little girl in front of it without asking you, you massive baby.

Di Modica is right, of course. The addition of Fearless Girl absolutely changes the meaning of the bull. It’s like if you put up a statue and then 30 years later someone put up a arrow sign pointing to it that said “BAD SCULPTURE” in neon letters, but Di Modica’s comments and his statue both represent the kind of bullshit that little girl is clearly not putting up with.

photo via Anthony Quintano