New Site. New Rules.

First post.


Let’s do this.

New site. New post. Great. We’re off to a great start. This is great comedy writing so far, Glen. You’re crushing it.

What does the internet like? GIFs?

This is The Humor Weakly.

It’s a humor site. For humor. Don’t have a sense of humor? You can literally buy one from Archie McPhee.

The Humor Weakly was created by professional comedy writer and Dr. Mario enthusiast Glen Tickle.

It’s important to me that you read and enjoy this site. Do you like jokes? Here’s a joke my four-year-old daughter Amelia wrote:

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Banana who?
Banana pee pee.

Make this site successful enough that her banana pee pee joke puts her through college.

Okay. Good talk. I’m going to go eat some cereal and apply for jobs.