NJ Governor Shares Video of Statue of Liberty Holding a Lightsaber in Response to Supreme Court Decision

May the Force be with us.

We don’t focus on politics a lot here on The Humor Weakly unless we’re pinning Trump’s crimes on Momo or calling him a dumb baby, but today New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy shared a video of the Statue of Liberty holding a lightsaber in response to the Supreme Court’s dumb decision to side with Trump about passing some bullshit immigration policies.

The post doesn’t make any direct reference to Star Wars, and we only see a small portion of the blade, but the video is an Adobe Stock clip literally titled, “Aerial view of Statue of Liberty with Lightsaber 4k“. Murphy didn’t respond to our Facebook comment asking to confirm that this is a lightsaber, because he’s busy running a state and it would be silly to take the time to reply to it.