Stream the Grandstand Comedy Showcase Vol 1. Right Now


Remember when I, Glen Tickle, started a record label by accident? Been kind of quiet since releasing Jason Brown’s album Jokes Through the Bathroom Door, but 2020 it set to be pretty busy. Starting with The Grandstand Comedy Showcase Vol. 1 album which releases officially on January 3rd, 2020 but you can stream it all right now here on The Humor Weakly because I own this site and the label so there’s nobody to stop me.

Some real killers on this bad boy too. Kirk Griffiths? Yeah. Roya Hamadani? Word. Ian Webster? You know it (because he and Roya are married and whenever I book one of them I feel like I should book the other one too, which is easy to do because they’re both great!) You into LeMaire Lee? You friggin should be. Kid’s great.

And look. I’m on there too. Do I talk about Alvin and the Chipmunks for too long? Arguably.

Give it a listen. Hold a loved one close. Make some memories.