Oh… Oh No… Damnit. I meant “Weekly”


We all make mistakes. Typos can happen to anybody, but boy oh boy is there egg on my face. I meant to call the site “The Humor Weekly” so that I wouldn’t have to write very much or devote a lot of time to this.

Imagine my surprise when I registered a domain, setup a Facebook page, created a handsome logo, wrote several posts, and then told everyone about “The Humor Weakly“.

What a maroon.

I could change it, but I guess maybe instead I’ll just regularly post original pieces of writing and share interesting comedy things I find.

An example of the latter might look something like this:

Only Child” by John Hodgman is the funniest television pilot I’ve ever read. Fine. I didn’t “read” it. I had it read to me by Hodgman and others because it’s the second episode of the wonderful Dead Pilots Society podcast, which casts actors to do live readings of television pilots that never made it past a certain point in the development process.

Present day adult John Hodgman plays the role of young child John Hodgman, and it’s weird and hilarious and perfect, and I think about it probably at least once a week.

The podcast is part of the Maximum Fun network, which is currently in the middle of their annual MaxFunDrive. Consider donating.

[Full disclosure, I’m a longtime donor to Maximum Fun and John Hodgman has been nice to me several times publicly and privately.]

Ya know. Stuff like that.

Weakly. Sheesh.

[Also that’s not me in the GIF at the top. That’s Conan O’Brien. I think. His hand’s in front of his face, but I’m pretty sure that’s him. Who knows. It could be literally anyone.]