I Really Like the Lucas Bros Interview on Today’s You Made It Weird and You Might Too

Lucas Bros

Twin standups Keith and Kenny Lucas (aka The Lucas Bros) are the guests today on Pete Holmes‘ podcast You Made It Weird and it’s a great interview. So great that I’m only about a third of the way through and just thought you should know that it’s very good.

The Bros just released their first special on Netflix titled On Drugs, and it’s also very good. The twins frame their special around Nixon’s “War on Drugs” and the direct impact it had on their lives. It’s really funny in a way that is specific and personal.

So far the twins and Holmes have discussed growing up as twins in a harsh environment and how it shaped their outlook and comedy. There’s two hours left to go on the episode, because the podcast typically runs longer than most.

If you’ve got some time give it a listen.