Some Dillweed Returned a Library Book 50 Years Late and They’re Going to Get Away With It Because Rules No Longer Apply I Guess?

Phillipsburg Library Overdue Book

Someone returned a copy of Jules Verne’s Dropped From The Clouds to the Phillipsburg Free Public Library that was checked out in 1967. From the library’s Facebook page,

Look what we found in our book drop yesterday!

At 50 years overdue, it’s not quite as late as some books that have made the news in recent months – a book was returned 100 years late to the San Francisco Public Library in January, and another was returned 120 years late to Hereford Cathedral School in December – but it’s the most overdue book we’ve seen here!

That’s four years before Jerry Seinfeld checked out the copy of Tropic of Cancer that came back to haunt him in “The Library Cop

The perp is going to get away with it too, because as super pretty and smart and cool librarian Stephanie Rath-Tickle told her dopey idiot husband (me), the library’s records don’t go far back enough to know who checked out the book so they can’t charge them late fees

Here’s the thing though. That’s my library, chump. To prove it, here’s a picture of me eating my library card.

Me Eating My Library Card

I’m married to a librarian and I still have to pay fines if I bring a book back late. Overdue items are subject to a $.10/day fine that gets capped at $3.00, so even though it’s been 50 years, the fee is just $3.00.

Pay up, chump, or I’m sending the kid from Better Off Dead after you, and that kid doesn’t quit until he gets his two three dollars.